China textile city: summer thin fabric procurement gradually increased.

Issuing time:2018-05-09 11:15

Recently, China textile city traditional market clinch a deal the incremental summer thin fabrics, polyester order color pattern varieties increase emulation silk fabrics, clinch a deal to develop, sales rise, clinch a deal the size of the batch as most variety, part of the fabric to clinch a deal, the overall market volume rose. Recent textile city traditional market all kinds of clothing with polyester class local deal many interactive emulation silk fabrics, for every one in clothing production enterprise to sell orders to undertake gradually increased, to increase local purchasing spring and summer fabrics, textile city a series of spot transaction incremental step by step, orders to undertake local growth trend, the overall market clinch a deal the shake up.

Recent market, summer thin fabric of the old and new varieties of interaction, interaction with kam polyester fabrics, polyester fabrics pearl chiffon, composite silk chiffon, jacquard chiffon, elastic mess, stretch chiffon, play high artificial wrinkle, elastic chameleon, 75 d jiali yarn, high elastic put crepe georgette, emulation silk pearl yarn, 75 d, emulation silk chiffon beads, 75 d blockbuster silk velvet, oblique, elastic day played high elastic crepe DE chine, snowflakes hemp, hemp yarn, elastic velvet are hemp, Han Li, chiffon, sliver chiffon, double color chiffon, squama beads, flash silk crepe, general oblique cut flowers, three-dimensional summer wear thin fabrics such as hemp, first you bead local deals, On the first floor of the east market part of the scale management of the marketing is relatively smooth, the price is basically stable. The local sales of polyester color series are smooth, and there are relatively large number of small and medium sized batches of small and medium sized pieces of fabric, such as tinting, light color, light, bamboo, and twist.

In recent days, the FDY variety of polyester silk fabrics and DTY varieties interaction, dyeing and printing fabric transaction growth. Chiffon, silk spinning, summer, spring washer velvet and all kinds of jacquard cloth, jacquard cloth cut the traditional market business outlets hang sample listed varieties increased, and increasing volume, part channgzhou company and scale business outlets of medium and small batch of spot transaction is more, increase and old customers call letter delivery, suit fabrics in bulk order. Trade orders of dyed varieties increased, and the overall market turnover increased. Emulation silk printed fabric zero group of customers with batch clothing factory purchaser clinch a deal, trade orders increased, the overall market printed volume is rising early emulation silk fabrics, prices basically stable, some varieties litre fall.

Recent market, many kinds of polyester emulation silk fabrics of finished product stock clinch a deal more batches in small batches to clinch a deal is given priority to, part of the small and medium-sized enterprises inventory remains limited, more is given priority to with now into a now pin, pin set into. However, some of the clothes are mainly used for polyester varieties such as chiffon and tintin, and some of them are still in stock. In the past few days, the spot transaction of polyester and silk fabrics has been mainly sold in small quantities, and the spot volume is still limited, which is still not enough. But part of the front shop, back factory channgzhou company and industry and trade integration in the professional business clinch a deal large spot size batch hold concurrently, orders to undertake local batch is opposite bigger, difficult to small enterprises sales and front shop, back factory is a large type channgzhou company and industry and trade integration business.